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Rhodd o £401-25 tuag at Adran Wroleg Ysbyty Glangwili wrth Undeb Canu Cynulleidfaol Annibynwyr Gorllewin Myrddin.

Delyth Evans, Trysorydd, yn derbyn rhodd o £401-25 tuag at Adran Wroleg Ysbyty Glangwili wrth Undeb Canu Cynulleidfaol Annibynwyr Gorllewin Myrddin. Codwyd yr arian drwy gynnal Gymanfa yn Hydref 2023 yng Nghapel Bryn Iwan am y tro cyntaf.

Undeb Cynulleidfaol Annibynwyr Gorllewin Myrddin donates £401 for the Urology Department at Glangwili Hospital. The money was raised by holding a “Gymanfa’ in Capel Bryn Iwan – the first time this had happened.

Celebration of 75 Years of the Work of the League of Friends

To celebrate 75 years of its work supporting West Wales General Hospital, Glangwili, through use of funds donated by the public, the members of the League hosted a Celebration Tea at the cafe in the grounds of Bishop’s Park, Abergwili. The event was very well supported and the Guest of Honour was Sara Edwards, Lord Lieutenant of Dyfed, who helped cut the 75th Anniversary celebration cake. A display of photographs showed memorable events linked to the work of the League over the years.

Long standing League Treasurer Delyth Evans is recognised for her outstanding work over 40 years

“Delyth Evans MBE, who has been Treasurer of the League of Friends Glangwili Hospital for 11 years has recently been honoured with the highly esteemed ‘Order of Mercy’ Award from the League of Mercy Foundation and received her medal in London in July.

Outside her involvement with the Friends of Glangwili, Delyth is also currently a volunteer for the Royal Osteoporosis Society and founded the Carmarthen group in 2018. Her numerous volunteering roles span 40 years and includes roles on various Housing association boards, Women’s Aid groups, Further Education College and Policing Governance. Delyth said “ I feel immensely privileged to have received this award and thank the members of the League of Friends for nominating me.”

The donation of £1000 raised by 9 year old Iestyn Davies

When 9 year old Iestyn Davies of Roch, Haverfordwest was admitted to Cilgerran Children’s Ward, Glangwili Hospital in 2021 suffering from appendicitis he was obviously worried but he says he received excellent care and on his return told his mum Nerys, that he wanted to raise money for the ward to show his appreciation. 

His grandmother, Diane Davies, helped by growing plants for Iestyn to sell outside their house and over a number of months an impressive amount of £1000 was raised.

Delyth Evans, Treasurer of the League of Friends thanked Iestyn and his family for this generous donation and that staff in Cilgerran ward are delighted that they will benefit from this sum of money

Glangwili General Hospital has a successful League of Friends who raise thousands of pounds every year for the benefit of patients.

Between 1971 and 2021 the total provided by the League of Friends is


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Mae gan Ysbyty Cyffredinol Glangwili Gynghrair Cyfeillion llewyrchus sydd yn codi miloedd o bunnoedd pob blwyddyn er lles y cleifion.

Rhwng 1971 a 2021 , codwyd y cyfanswm canlynol gan Gyfeillion yr Ysbyty:


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